Biography for Robert Horlick

In the summer of 1981, the National Summer Special Olympics were held in Ottawa, and Kiwanian Robert Horlick volunteered for helping out with the Games. Like all volunteers for any Special Olympics event, Robert was smitten.

Robert has been member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa since 1978, and is the Past Chair of the 'Hands on' committee of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. His main focus has always been to arrange a working relationship between Kiwanis and Special Olympics. For the past three years, the 'Hands on' committee has helped with two regional winter floor hockey events, and three summer events. This year, Robert accepted the challange of being the Chair of the floor hockey event for the 2000 Canadian Special Olympics National Winter Games.

Mr. Horlick has been a commercial real estate agent since 1982, and is presently employed by Prudential Maximum Realty in Ottawa.