Backgrounder on Kiwanis AKtion Club

For more Information call Thomas Assaly or Linda Mosienko at 569.2353

What is an AKtion Club?

An AKtion Club is a community service group composed of adult citizens who are developmentally disadvantaged. Members of AKtion Club strive to return to their communities the benefits, help and caring they have received, while at the same time developing important skills.

The Goals of Aktion

To develop initiative and leadership

To provide experience in living and working together

To serve the community

To prepare for useful citizenship

Who Sponsors an AKtion Club?

AKtion Clubs are sponsored by local Kiwanis Clubs in cooperation with a local agency or sheltered workshop for citizens with mental retardation. The first AKtion Club program was piloted in Florida in 1987. Why have an AKtion Club? Persons who are developmentally disadvantaged often have many skills but little opportunity to develop or apply them. These special citizens have few chances to interact socially and sometimes never learn to function in society. Too often, they are isolated and dependent when they could be making valuable contributions to themselves and to the world around them. Shelters and agencies that serve those who are developmentally disadvantaged do their best to help their clients reach their potentials. Many of these agencies, however, do not have the funding or staff to provide the activities and individual attention their clients need. The volunteer effort of local Kiwanis sponsors can address these and many other concerns through AKtion Club.

What does AKtion Club do?

An AKtion Club performs a variety of services to the community. It conducts fundraisers such as car washes, and other projects to raise money for needs in the community. AKtion Club members do many other community services, including environmental projects, park beautification, food drives, and nursing home visitations, as well as assisting Kiwanis Clubs with their projects. AKtion Clubs also take time out for fun! AKtion members go to sporting events and visit museums, among many other activities. AKtion members play as hard as they work.