An update from the Hands-on Committee

Your Hands-On Committee is hard at work accomplishing a challenging list of projects. Following is a recent list of the jobs we have done and are continuing to work on:

Hearing Screening Project: With the foresight of Sam Bhargava, CHEO and First Words, the Hands-On Committee facilitated 3 hearing screening clinics. This program performs audiologist tests on underprivileged children whose parents are not able to bring their children to CHEO or a pediatrician. The results have exceeded all expectations. A total of 55 children were tested out of which 22 children have been referred for further examination. The Hands-On Committee looks forward to continuing this work to find many more children with hearing difficulties.

Special Olympics: On June 3, 2001, we assisted by marshalling and lunch preparation with the Regional Finals for Track & Field in which 120 Special Olympics athletes from across Eastern Ontario were at the Terry Fox Athletic Centre at Mooney's Bay. Athletes competed in short and long distance track events as well as shot put and long jump.

Interval House: Recently we have built storage shelves, a new fire escape ramp and removed over-grown shrubs.

Our next project at this shelter for battered women is to move a large section of fence, which will expand their parking facilities and improve security.

Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre: This centre has asked us to build a wall and new doorway making two consultation rooms out of a large room. The job is very challenging technically and Rita's husband, Andy Harper, who is a qualified contractor, has offered to do the lion's share of the work for free! Much gratitude goes out to Andy for taking on such a demanding job.

Future Projects?? The Hands-On Committee is looking for more work projects for the fall 2001! If you know of a charitable organization that needs some painting or small construction jobs, we would very much like to hear about it. Please call Kevin McGrath at 749-3219 or Bill Harsh at 860-3962.

Hands-On Committee Bill Harsh Past Chair of Hands-On Committee