Alert for the Mile of Toonies 1999

On Thursday August 12th, 1999, the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa will be running the 2nd Annual Mile of Toonies on the Sparks Street Mall from 11:00 to 13:00. Visitors to the Mall will be invited to place a Toonie or Loonie on a tape running the length of the Mall to help eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD).

The lack of a teaspoon of iodine in the regular diet of third world people results in the largest single cause of preventable mental retardation. IDD effects 1.5 billion people worldwide, and can be eliminated by the use of iodized salt, which has been available in Canada from the turn of the century.

Kiwanis International has taken on a world wide service project to eliminate Iodine Deficiency Disorders during the 20th century. Kiwanis will be helped by volunteers from 80 companies whose teams will encourage visitors to participate.

The event will be kicked off by Regional Chair, Bob Charelli and City of Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson.

Entertainment will be provided by Domnic D’Arcy, the singing policeman. Kiwanis International has pleged to raise $75 million USD to elimenate IDD, with the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa pledging $50,000. To date, the IDD committee of the Club has donated $40,000. Last years event raised almost $5,000 towards the elimination of IDD.