A Week in the Life of the Kiwanis Office

Page Four thought it would be a great idea to profile a day in the life of Rita Harper and Joanne Kane, to give us all a better understanding of what the Kiwanis office does. It became obvious very quickly that profiling only a day would not do justice to the flurry of activity managed by the Office.

In order to properly portray the magnitude and diversity of their responsibilities we present you with a typical WEEK in the life of Rita and Joanne. Answer hundreds of phone calls and check voice messages, reply where appropriate to questions from Members about new phone numbers, location of Committee meetings, date of Board meeting, change in Committee meeting locations, change of addresses, how to make a donation, etc.

Answer phone calls from the public needing assistance in many areas of their daily living, i.e. a young deaf mother who can't hear her baby crying and requests funding for a bed shaker; a father of 4 who is on disability and can't afford groceries; an elderly woman who needs a better wheelchair; a young man who wants funding to go to Colombia to research how to cure Aids; a soccer team that wants funding to go to the Provincial games; and much more.

After sorting out their need and whether the request fits our mandates, a written request is forwarded in writing to the appropriate Committee.

Open mail, copy cheques for donations to Legacy For Life, Medical Foundation, cheques for Never Shake a Baby videos, Entertainment Books, luncheon fees, membership dues, etc.

Prepare invoices for shipment of videos, bring packages to post office, enter members' payments into the computer to keep the accounts current, send out donation thank you cards, send out acknowledgement cards re: In Memoriam donations, prepare deposits to bring to bank.

Prepare letters inviting supporters for Jim Durrell Roast, Bon Appetit, letters for participation in Autorama, Home Show, Garden Show for Duck Race ticket sales, Lt. Governor Ron Wing letters to other Club Presidents, other Lt. Governors and Governor, letters to go with cheques approved for public requests for assistance, letters of decline to public, letters to potential members and confirmations to speakers, thank you letters to guest speakers.

Process Visa/MasterCard payments through Instalink machine for members' fees or dues, parking, entertainment books, Roast, Golf Tournament, Interclub Golf, Turnover Day.

Prepare Board agendas, prepare cheques for rent, office supplies, fundraising needs, requests from the public, finalize and distribute Board minutes to Board and Chairs, preparation of membership survey.

Maintenance of Membership Database, adding new members, changing addresses, phone numbers, adding all the new email changes, and maintaining members' attendance records.

Enter deposits and payments into computer for tracking of expenses, committee budgeting, reconciling of bank statements for 5 bank accounts, reporting actual revenue and expense vs approved budgets for each committee and reporting to the Honorary Treasurer and Board of Directors.

Preparation of Annual Reports for discussion at the Annual General Meeting, answering questions from Auditors, maintaining quarterly financial statements, submitting City of Ottawa license reports.

And when all this is done, spend a day or two discussing with members items for the weekly newsletter, editing the newsletter, folding, stuffing and mailing to club members, other service clubs and media.

When Friday night arrives we wonder where the week went and like many of you we make a list of things that we must carry into the next week, and we leave with a smile on our face as we are working for the best service club in the world!