A few reminders about Legacy for Life

The Legacy For Life Committee recently introduced a DONOR CARD. If there is an commemoration or celebration you wish to share by making a donation, you can simply call the Kiwanis office (233-1900) and they will personalize a card for you and mail the card to the recipient of your choice. Your donation of $15.00 or more, to Legacy for Life, supports the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa and its ongoing work. You will receive a charitable donation receipt for your donation. Sounds like a win-win situation all around!

1. What kinds of donations are accepted? Legacy for Life is encouraging members to consider MAJOR DONATIONS such as : life insurance contracts, testamentary bequests, publicly trades shares, and/or monetary bequests.

2. Can donors direct their gifts? Donors may direct Major Donations within Legacy For Life for the benefit of the Medical Foundation, select Club committees such as Sponsored Youth, Young Children - Priority One, etc. Such donations ensure we can carry on our community and charitable work to those in need.

3. What happens to the monetary donations received by Legacy For Life? Money received from Major Donations or Card Donations are managed and invested by an investment counsellor, presently Bill Siekierski of RBC Dominion Securities. Under tax legislation, the income earned from such capital will be distributed at year's end by the Board of Directors to specific projects or allocated as part of the budgetary process. Previous years donations received through the Legacy For Life Donor Card Program will be disbursed annually by decision of the Kiwanis Board of Directors.

4. Some of the Donation Cards sent in December 1999 and January 2000: Earl Crowe re: Ron Corrigan Steve Moore re: congratulations to many friends George Perrin re: Medical Foundation Peter Marshall re: donation Sam Bhargava re: Don Blakslee Bill Cowie re: Mike Lundy Friends of Hassa Mirchandani's 65th Guy Bourbonniere re: Walter Boyce Jamie Johnson re: Jan Mansfield Hugh MacKay re: piper donation Eddy Cook re: Medical in memorial