Youville Centre Thanks You!

Dear Friend of Youville Centre, ~ Thank you ~ for attending Youville Centre's 25th Anniversary Celebration!

Please accept this note of thanks for attending our 25th Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, October 25th, 2012. The evening was a success thanks to generous people such as yourself, who took the time to support us as we celebrated 25 years of motivating, educating and nurturing young mothers and their children.

We were so pleased to have the opportunity to honour many of Youville Centre's "angels", as well as our three former Executive Directors who were all in attendance. As was said that evening, there are many angels among us, and we are grateful to count you as one of them.

Please feel free to forward this message of thanks to those guests who did not purchase their own tickets for the event so they can also receive this message.On behalf of Youville Centre's mothers and their children, please allow me to personally thank you. Communications Officer, Youville Centre
(613) 231-5150 Ext. 128


“One Can Make A Difference” President’s Rose - Ross Christensen

President Peter was pleased to recognize Ross Christensen who has contributed greatly to our Young Children Projects Committee and played a big part in orchestrating one of our club’s major children’s projects – the production of the “Never Shake A Baby” video, which is still being sold by our office today.