8th Annual Garrison Cocktail Party

The Ottawa Garrison, a collective of eight Army Cadet Corps 2317, 2332, 2360, 2784, 2870, 2951, 2958, 3018 RCAC's, cordially Invites Officers of the all CIC, CI's, Military Advisors, Parents, Sponsors, and Special Guests to this year's Cocktail party at the Drill Hall.

To assist with parking there is free parking around Lisgar High School / and the teachers lot which is on the far side of High School.(South side of Lisgar St.)

Guests who park in the underground basement at City Hall which is next door, can park their vehicles there and show to the Duty Officer their parking slips, we will knock $1.00 OFF the $6.00 entrance fee for every guests who have parked their cars in the underground, this should ease the parking concerns, not to mention getting in a heated car. Please Email Robert Barrette, at co2784ggfg@rogers.com by the 9th of December.