5 years is old, for a web site!

June 15th, 1996 the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa web site went on-line for the first time. That makes our site over 20 years old in Internet years! 

The year that the site went on-line there were only 14 of our 250 members with an email address. Kiwanis International did not get a site on-line until early in 1998, and even now, less than 5% of Kiwanis Clubs have sites.

The main site for the Club is <http://www.ottawakiwanis.org>. It includes information on the Club events, committees, the Club organization, newsletters and links to other Kiwanis sites. One of the key features for the site is the live list of upcoming events on the home page.

The list includes meeting dates, upcoming events, links to recent new members and links to recent winners of the President’s rose. In 1996 the site opened with 35 pages, and it has now grown to almost 1000 pages. The site averages about 200 visits a day, with a one day high of 4732 visits on November 11th, 2000.

In addition the main site, the Club has a number of other sites that it supports. <http://www.preciousminds.org> and <http://shakenbaby.ottawakiwanis.org> are the sites for the ‘Precious Minds’ and ‘Never Shake a Baby’ videos. These site provides some background information on the videos, and allows visitors to download the order form. The sites each get about 10 visitors a day, with 1/2 of the ‘Shaken Baby’ visits being from France. <http://www.legacyforlife.ottawakiwanis.org> is a special set of pages that are in fact part of the overall KCO site and feature special information for the Legacy for Life fund.

<http://2001auction.ottawakiwanis.org> is the site for the silent auction at Bon Appetit where items and donors were listed.The 1999[http://1999auction.ottawakiwanis.org] and 2000[http://2000auction.ottawakiwanis.org] versions are also available.

<http://discuss.ottawakiwanis.org> is a discussion group set up for the Club. It is a protected site that requires a name and password to access, and has been used sparingly to date. The content of the sites are managed through the PR committee, with most of the content coming directly from the eDGE[http://www.ottawakiwanis.org/rkil/kiwanis/kiwanisevents.nsf/e653c63df939285c8525634c00060736?OpenView].

Anyone looking to have something placed on the site can contact the PR committee. What is coming in the next five years? Well certainly more content. The history of the Club, more details on special projects, maybe the discussion group will take off. In the next year a protected part of the site will be opened up which will include members phone numbers, web sites and a brief description of the type of business that they are in.

All suggestions are welcome.

Jamie Johnson[mailto:joj@rkil.com]