211 Closing Parade Update

Band and Drill Practise is this Saturday at Hangar 11

Around the Pole is this Saturday at Hangar 11

Tag Day is April 8th, this is mandatory for consideration in the La Ronde trip at the end of the year. Still need parent drivers for this event.  The location of drop off and pick up will be at 21 Concourse Gate, Unit 7 (off of Colonnade Road South) Nova Visual.  Drop off time will be 9:00 and pickup 3:30 pm.

Next Wednesday the Band Flight will have Goodies for sale at break time and Flight #1 will be having a Jelly Bean contest.

Rifle practise for all level 1 Cadets will be either Monday April 17 or Thursday April 20.  See Sgt. Mabaleka for details.

Standard First Aid course will take place on the weekend of April 22-23.  See website for details.

Band Competition coming up at the end of April. 

Overnight trip to Trois Rivière.

Bush Weekend forms were handed out for May 12-14. 

Last weekend members of the Band had their music level testing and congratulations to all who participated. 

Level Badges were given out to Sgt. Webster, LAC Tennant, Sgt Tennant, Cpl Hall and Cpl Natsvlichvili.

211 Squadron has obtained approval to send 23 cadets to summer camps this summer: Basic Camp 12 cadets Intro to Survival 31 July to 12 August 3 cadets Physical Recreational Training 9 July to 28 July 1 cadet Intro to Leadership 2 July to 21 July 9 July to 20 July 1 cadet Intro to Aviation ITA 9 July to 28 July 1 cadet Space Camp 2 July to 22 July 1 cadet

Summer camps are among the best experiences available to cadets, but less than half of our cadets get to attend each year.  Because of this, a selection committee will be reviewing the efforts of all cadets since September and especially over the next month.  Some important factors that will be considered include attendance, fundraising, uniform appearance and behaviour. Parents and their cadets who are interested in attending camp, should mark Monday April 10th on their calendars.  That is when Major Burniston is holding this year’s camp registration meeting.  This will be the best opportunity to complete the forms required.  Remember to bring the Name of the Cadet’s family doctor, his address and telephone number.