211 Air Cadets off to a great start!

Forty New Recruits
The 211 Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron has had a huge start to this year with nearly 40 new recruits and a total strength of 98. The squadron has already participated in a flying day at the Smiths Falls Airport on Thanksgiving Monday and will be going on an overnight Bush Exercise this weekend at Christie Lake near Perth.
I spoke personally with some of the new recruits this week and realized their enthusiasm for the program so far and were excited to get their uniforms. Nearly a third of the new recruits were carrying a garbage bag full of new uniform parts and other issued kits this past Wednesday night.
Tag Day raises over $4,500
On October 18, 42 cadets and 15 volunteers including some very dedicated Kiwanians and parents, participated in the first of two Tag Days raising over $4,500.00.
Local malls and merchants permitted the cadets to use their store fronts to raise funds and spread the word about the cadet program.
The squadron wishes to thank the Kiwanis volunteers and the community for their support toward their very successful day.
A big thank you to Ed Healey for donating two Club Seats at the Ottawa Senators for the top seller who raised $324.00 on her own.
Parents Support Group
The 211 Kiwanis Squadron has shifted some of its fundraising responsibilities from the Kiwanis Club to the Cadets and to the newly formed Parents Support Group. The cadets and parents both realize the cost of operating a successful squadron like the 211 and they are enthusiastic about contributing in a serious way.
In 2000, the contribution to the squadron from Kiwanis was $19,000 and we anticipate our request should only be $9,000 this year. As the fundraising emphasis continues to shift, this annual contribution from the club should continue to decrease.
Open House Wednesday, Nov. 5 8:00 pm
All Kiwanians and their families are invited to Notre Dame High School on Broadview Avenue. There will be classes in session, a chance to talk with some of the cadets and a March Past at the end. Come and see what the 211 is all about!
We Need You!
The squadron needs volunteers to be a part of our Air Cadets committee, to help with fundraising, meal preparation, transportation, etc. The squadron needs those of an aviation mind to help teach some optional subjects such as aircraft modelling, rocketry, as well as areas of self defence, sports, computers, and photography.
Mike Flint
Committee Chair
211 Ottawa Kiwanis Squadron