211 Air Cadet Squadron - Always On The Go!

Its members are the 90 cadets for whom the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa provides the opportunity to belong to a great youth organization. Other key members of the 211 Squadron are the officer and civilian instructor corps and the members of the Kiwanis Sponsoring Committee. These two groups provide programs, training resources required to support the activities of the squadron. Throughout the training year cadets in the squadron meet every week, organize and participate in events such as fly days, bush weekends, cadet recruitment drives, fundraisers, public parades and ceremonial occasions. Its always a busy year. 
In the summer cadets attend camps all over Canada that aim at increasing their skills and offer them experiences that will last their lifetime. Camps range from a first year basic camp where cadets learn the essentials of cadet life to more specialized camps where they develop leadership qualities, learn to fly powered or glider aircraft, or become certified athletic instructors. They can experience wilderness camping where they are taught survival skills. International exchanges to various countries are avail-able to cadets who qualify. These exchanges have included the US, France, Singapore and Great Britain.
This year our squadron has seen a change of command and said goodbye to Major June Humphries and welcomed Captain Michael MacKinnon as our new Commanding Officer. As members of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa you are an important part of the 211 community and are most welcome at any of our events. Cadets take pride in their Kiwanis sponsorship and are always glad to see Kiwanians at monthly CO parades and other events.
A highlight of our year is the closing parade where a senior officer from the Canadian military inspects the squadron. This year Major General Gartenburg will perform the inspection on Saturday, May 27 at 1:00 p.m. at the Major Holland Armoury, 2100 Walkley Road. All Kiwanians are invited to attend this event by the 211 Squadron. It's a great chance for you to see the cadets in action, then meet the Squadron's officers, the parents and families of cadets and enjoy some great food! And...when deciding on your next year's committee - think cadets!
Ron Vincent Chair of the Air Cadets Committee was sponsored into our Club in 1978 by Howard Lithwick.