Quilts of Valor

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa Direct Assistance Committee recently contributed funds to Quilts of Valour – Canada, a society of volunteers who distribute quilts to injured soldiers. These funds help this organization to reach their goal of covering every wounded soldier with a quilt of comfort. These quilts are treasured by the recipients who view them as a "Hug from a Grateful Nation".

Five quilts were made with the funds from Kiwanis – which will be presented to 5 soldiers who are recovering. As well, a beautiful quilt was made specially by the volunteers of Quilts of Valour – Canada, for the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa. Our hope is that you we can use this quilt to raise more funds for Quilts of Valor. We take pride in this endeavour and thank you for your contribution. This quilt will be available soon for viewing on our website. All members are invited to place a bid on this Silent Auction item. More information will be provided soon ….Thank you for your support.