2004 Elections

The Elections Council met on Tuesday, to count the Primary Ballots, and of the 95 ballots returned, following are the results: Sam Bhargava will be President-Elect by acclamation. 3 Nominees for Vice-President, of which 2 are chosen (in roster number order): 41 Bill Gosewitz 131 Neil McDonald 209 Peter Patafie Following are 13 members Nominees for Director, of which 9 are chosen: 17 Chris Thompson 19 Doug Wilson 34 Peter Nadeau 40 Lee Storm 41 Bill Gosewitz 62 Phil Rossy 114 Guy Bourbonniere 125 Patrick McGarry 137 Sheri Farahani 209 Peter Patafie 214 Harold Feder 230 Dawn Morewood 253 Kathleen Holst

The Final Ballot will be mailed on Wed, May 5 and is due back in the Kiwanis office by May 17. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Rick Barrigar at 230-7522 x 8128, or any member of the Elections Council .