2004 Election background on Bill Gosewitz

I have been a member of the Kiwanis club of Ottawa since 1999 - when I was introduced by Peter Patafie and Les Morin (both of whom for which I must say I have the highest respect ). I have been married to Joanne for the past 20 years - we have no children - but one deaf/blind Siamese cat. (Probably more work and more expensive than a child.....). 

Joanne and I  have been  mortgage consultants for over 25 years and our  principle in life and business is the follow "Always do your best - be honest and forthright. Integrity cannot be lost, it must be given away - if you always maintain your integrity - you cannot go wrong." I was the honourary treasurer last year and was appointed to the board of directors this year.  I must admit I am very surprised to have been asked to stand for Vice President - It is certainly ahead of my projected timeframe - however should I be elected I intend to do my very best. Kiwanis is a breath of fresh air in this world - but as a club I believe we need to have more activities and fun - We need to use our numbers and resources to ensure people know who we are and what we do in the community. 

Currently the average person does not know what we are doing or have done in the past. Self promotion and advertising are areas which we must improve upon.   We need everyone in the club to agree to put forth an extra 10% energy towards providing for the children and families of our community -we must try to integrate the seniors of our community with the children.

The seniors are full of fascinating stories about the past which must be passed on the new generations or they will be lost.  -  no fund-raising idea is too small - Times are tough for fund-raising...but remember "when the going gets tough...the tough get going" Bill Gosewitz