2003 Annual Inspection Program for the 211 Ottawa-Kiwanis Squadron

Annual Inspection Program
1. Forming up of the Parade
2. Marching on of the Colours*
3. Arrival of the Reviewing Officer*
4. General Salute*
5. Inspection of the Squadron
6. March Past in Column of Route*
7. Demonstrations
- Band
- Sports
- First Aid
- Drill team
8. Presentation of Awards
9. Speeches
- Brig-Gen Gaston E. Cloutier, CD, Reviewing Officer
- Mr. Bob Goudie, Air Cadet League Representative 
- Mr. Mike Flint, Sponsoring Committee Chairman
- Capt. Dave Burniston, CD, Commanding Officer 
10. National Anthem*
11. Advance in review order*
12. General salute*
13. Departure of the Reviewing Officer*
14. Dismissal
15. Visit of  Static Displays and Light Snack 
* Guests are requested to stand
Inspecting Party
Reviewing Officer: Brig-Gen G. E. Cloutier, CD
Cadet Commander of the Squadron: WO1 A. Kerr
Air Cadet League Representative: Mr. B. Goudie
Chairman of the Sponsoring Committee: Mr. M. Flint
Montreal-area Cadet Detachment Representative: Capt. E. Sherman
Commanding Officer of 211 Ottawa-Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron: Capt. D. Burniston, CD
Commanding Officer’s Remarks
As the 2002/2003 training year draws to a close, I'm amazed how quickly it has passed. It seems only a few weeks ago that I walked through the door as the new Commanding Officer. Now reviewing the past months I feel it has been a very successful year at 211 Squadron. Our cadets have participated in air rifle shooting, curling, swimming, and power and glider flights. Many
completed First Aid certification and where simulated casualties in a major First Aid exercise. As a group we have seen the International Space Station through the magic of the IMAX. 
Now we stand here at our Annual Review, and look forward to our Mess Dinner marking the end of the cadet year. These are new experiences for our Level 1 cadets, and much-anticipated events for the rest of the squadron.
Being a member of Air Cadets will bring about many firsts for those that continue on with the Squadron. That's one of the exciting things about cadets. It allows you to experience new things and grow into responsible adults through the leadership and citizenship training you will receive. You
build friendships that will last a lifetime, with people you will meet in the squadron, and with others from across Canada that you meet at cadet camps and events.
To those cadets who are heading off to camp, I encourage you to embrace the opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and experience new things. To our remaining cadets, I wish you a wonderful summer full of family, friends and fun. 
I'd like to thank the parents of all our cadets. Without you to support your son or daughter's decision to join the Squadron, and in many cases to drive them to our many activities, the Squadron could not be successful.
To all the cadets of 211 Squadron, I urge you to live the Air Cadet Motto - To Learn, To Serve, To Advance.
D.G. Burniston, CD
Commanding Officer
Sponsoring Committee’s Remarks
The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has proudly sponsored the 211 Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron since 1942.  The squadron's first Commanding Officer, the late Vic Castledine, led 211 - one of Ottawa's first squadrons - and was a very active Kiwanis club member.
Currently the 211 Kiwanis Air Cadet Committee, a sub-committee of the Kiwanis Club, is led by Mike Flint and includes several dedicated Kiwanis members committed to providing guidance and support to the cadets and officers of the 211.
The Club's support for the squadron continues and includes both financial and volunteer support to continue the great job the squadron does in building tomorrow's leaders.
The Club, its Board of Directors and its Air Cadet Committee wish to congratulate the cadets for a job well done and wish them every success in the future.
Cadet Parade Positions
Squadron Commander: WO1 Allan Kerr
Squadron Deputy Commander: WO2 Micheal Gauthier
Squadron Warrant Officer: WO2 Sophia-Maria Neppel
#1 Flight Commander: F/Sgt Patrick Mason
#2 Flight Commander: A F/Sgt Jamie Dullaghan
#3 Flight Commander: F/Sgt Arielle Goldman-Smith
#4 Flight Commander: F/Sgt Carla Caceres
#1 Flight Sergeant: Sgt Crystal Mureta
#2 Flight Sergeant: Sgt Grant Hutter
#3 Flight Sergeant: Sgt Micheal Davidson
#4 Flight Sergeant: Sgt Martin Lurette
Flag Party Commander: Sgt Micheal Mason
Flag Bearers: Cpl Joseph Neault, LAC Bassam Chaaraoui
Escorts: LAC Peter Mennie, LAC  Micheal Ibrahim
Trophies and Awards
Top Marksman Trophy
This trophy is presented to the cadet achieving the best performance in the shooting competition. Presented to WO2 M. Gauthier.
Presentations to Graduating Cadets
Unfortunately, when cadets reach the age of nineteen years, they must retire from the squadron. This year WO1 Allan Kerr is retiring.
The Ron Elmer Trophy for Aircraft Recognition
This trophy is awarded each year to the cadet who is most proficient at identifying aircraft during the year-long competition. Presented to Cpl J. Neault.
The Healey Music Excellence Trophy
This trophy is presented to the cadet band member deemed to have made the greatest effort and the most progress in becoming a serious musician over the past year. Originally presented in May 1998 by Maj. Bryan Healey, sons WO1(ret) Micheal Healey, Cadet Pipe Major WO1(ret) Grant Healey and daughter Sgt Leslie Healey in appreciation of six years of great opportunities in the 211 Ottawa Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron. Presented to Cpl S. Simpson.
George Beveridge Trophy for Best Flight
This trophy is awarded each year to the flight which continually has the best dress, drill and deportment, and the highest attendance during the training year. Presented to Flight 1 Flt Sgt P. Mason
Most Improved Cadet
Based primarily on merit points, this cadet has shown the greatest improvement during the year. Presented to Cpl C. Simpson.
Best First Year Cadet
This award is presented to the first year cadet showing the best bearing, deportment, attitude, conduct, attendance and exam marks during the training year.  Along with this award, this cadet will be promoted to the rank of Corporal. Presented to LAC C. Mavity.
Commanding Officer’s Award for the Best Second Year Cadet
This award is presented to the second year cadet showing the best bearing, deportment, attitude, conduct, attendance and exam marks during the training year. Presented to Cpl B. Chaaraoui.
Best Junior Cadet
This award is presented to the junior cadet (corporal and below) who shows the best bearing, deportment, attitude, conduct, attendance and exam marks during the training year. Presented to Cpl K. Meelker.
Best Sergeant
This award is presented to the sergeant who shows the best bearing, deportment, attitude, conduct, attendance and exam marks during the training year. Presented to Sgt M. Mason.
Best Senior Cadet
This trophy is awarded to the senior cadet (sergeant and above) showing the best bearing, deportment, attitude and conduct during the training year. Presented to WO2 M. Gauthier.
Allen Bourne Memorial Proficiency Award
This award was sponsored by Spartan Air Services Ltd. In 1957.  Allen Bourne was a pilot with this company and a ex-211 cadet.  It is awarded annually to the senior cadet who shows proficiency, leadership and dedication in all undertakings and activities. Presented to WO2 S. Neppel.
Cadets of Canada Scholarship
The department of National Defence in collaboration with the Cadet Leagues, offers a $1000 scholarship to a cadet from each cadet corps/squadron in Canada to cover part of the costs of a post-secondary education. Selection of the recipient was based on the following criteria: the cadet’s performance and school grades. Presented to F/Sgt Arielle Goldman-Smith.
The Strathcona Medal & the Ken Burchall Memorial Shield
The Strathcona Medal is the highest award that can be granted to a cadet in recognition of meritorious performance in local unit training activities. In addition, the recipient will be presented with the Ken Burchall Memorial Shield. Presented to Flt Sgt P. Mason.
Squadron Staff
Commanding Officer: Capt. D. Burniston, CD
Deputy Commanding Officer: Capt. A. Mureta
Administration Officer: Capt. A. Mureta
Assistant administration officer: CI J. King
Training Officer: Capt. S. O’Reilly
Standards Officer: Capt. R. Christie
Assistant training officer : CI E. Robertson
First Aid Instructor: CI E. King
Supply Officer: Ocdt G. Legault
Members of the Sponsoring Committee
Mr. Guy Bourbonnière
Mr. Mike Flint Air Cadet Committee Chairman
Mr. Bryan Healy
Mr. Patrick McGarry
Mr. Ken Miller
Mrs. Sandra Presley
Mr. Mike St Louis Member of the Kiwanis Board of Directors
Mr. Bob Vergette Cadet Committee Chairman
Ms. Val Wilkins
Members of the Parents Committee
Mrs. Jacquie Meelker
Mrs. Cindy Stephens
Mrs. Theresa Merkel
Mr. Bruce Winchcombe 
Mrs. Carol Winchcombe
Mrs. Mary Green
Mr. Rick Green
Mrs. Laura Johnson
Mrs. Christine Gauthier
Mrs. Lorrie McAnulty
Mrs. Kathy Radisch
Mrs. Margaret Burniston
Mrs. Patricia Smith
Mrs. Donna Aucoin
Mrs. Nicki Sims-Jones
Mrs. Mary Kane 
Mrs. Betts Lalonde
Biography of Brigadier-General Gaston E. Cloutier, CD
Director General Air Personnel
Reviewing Officer for the 61st Annual Parade
of 211 Ottawa-Kiwanis Squadron
Brigadier-General Gaston Cloutier was born in St-Anselme, Québec.  He joined the Canadian Forces in 1968 under the Regular Officer Training Plan and, in 1973, graduated from le Collège Militaire Royal de St-Jean with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics.  Following his graduation as a navigator, he was posted to 405 Squadron, Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Greenwood, NS, and flew on the Argus maritime patrol aircraft until 1977, qualifying as a tactical Navigator.
In 1978, Brigadier-General Cloutier cross-trained to pilot and, upon graduation, was posted to 880 Squadron, CFB Shearwater, NS, where he flew the Tracker aircraft.  He moved with 880 Squadron to CFB Summerside, PEI, in 1981; his responsibilities included Operations Officer and Flight Commander. 
Brigadier-General Cloutier was promoted to the rank of major in 1983, and was subsequently posted to 424 Squadron, CFB Trenton, Ont, as Flight Commander of the Buffalo Flight in the Search and Rescue (SAR) and Transport roles.  In 1986, he was selected to attend the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College Course.  
Upon graduation in 1987, Brigadier-General Cloutier was posted to National Defence Headquarters (NDHQ) to the Directorate responsible for the Canadian Military Colleges.
Promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel in 1989, he was appointed Commanding Officer of 442 Squadron, CFB Comox (BC).  The Squadron's roles include Search and Rescue, and Transport.  In 1991, Brigadier-General Cloutier was posted to the Canadian Forces Command and Staff College.  During the subsequent three years, he was a Member of the Directing and Planning Staff.
In 1994, Brigadier-General Cloutier returned to NDHQ and joined the NDHQ Secretariat.  In February 1995, he was appointed Executive Assistant to the Vice Chief of the Defence Staff.
Brigadier-General Cloutier was promoted to the rank of Colonel in July 1996 and held the position of Director of Cadets, NDHQ, until his appointment as Wing Commander, 8 Wing, Trenton, in July 1998.
In August 2001, he took on the responsibilities of Director of Coordination within the Air Staff at NDHQ.   Upon his promotion to his current rank in August 2002, BGen Cloutier was appointed Director General Air Personnel. 
Brigadier-General Cloutier and his spouse Ginette have two daughters, Rachelle and Mireille.  Brigadier-General Cloutier enjoys jogging, swimming and history.