2002 Partners in Caring - SENS vs. Buffalo Sabres

The Partners in Caring Committee has teamed again with the Ottawa Senators Foundation http://www.ottawasenatorsfoundation.com for the 4th Partners in Caring Game. This year the proceeds will be going to Success by Six http://www.city.ottawa.on.ca/city_services/finempsupport/8_2_5_en.shtml, a familiar partner for Kiwanis with our 'Precious Minds http://www.preciousminds.org' video.

The game is March 24, 2002 when the SENS http://www.ottawasenators.com play the Sabres. The price/ticket is $43 (a $60 ticket). When you purchase 10 tickets you receive 2 free tickets in the 200 level, a value of $220, to either the Phoenix Coyotes game on Dec. 13th, or the Minnesota Wild on Jan. 19th.

Contact Tom Spence for tickets at 741-0741 or download the order form and fax it to the Kiwanis office at 613.233.3718.

- orderForm.pdf