New Members Oct 2011 -Sept 30, 2012 - contact info

2011-12 New Members’ Contact information until the new Rosters arrive 
(more complete info will be in the roster,  but if there are errors below, contact the office.   Thank you!)

 Welcome!  To our recently introduced members –

Atkinson Des Roches, Janet       2001-2011, 2012
Kiwanis Club of Bytown – Charter President

District Governor EC&C
411 Huron Avenue S, Ottawa, ON K1Y 0X2

Spouse: Kenneth         Sponsor: Rossy, Phil

 Bradley, Shirley                  1988-2011, 2012
Distinguished President, Kiwanis Club of Bytown
Trustee Region C Kiwanis International

Tuskers’ Royal Le Page, Administrator,
Suite 200, 1335 Carling Avenue, Ottawa, ON K1Z 8N8

Spouse: Bill        Sponsor: Calzonetti, Vince

Donohue, Rev. Tom               2012

Ottawa Mission
35 Waller Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 7G4    
613-234-1144 x 222  Fax: 613-234-1144

Spouse: Carol        Sponsor: Moore, Steven

New Members introduced since October 2011


REVISED Bylaw No. 1 of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa


The Amendments to the Revised Bylaw No.1 made at our Special Membership Meeting on June 17, 2010, required many additional amendments be made to the document to keep the processes described in the bylaw functional.

For example, the addition of the mail in ballot meant that we could not have officer and director nominations from the floor at the AGM, because those nominated at the meeting would not be part of the mail in ballot.

All of the changes have now been made and the fully amended bylaw were presented to the members at a special general meeting  held during our luncheon on September 10, 2010. 


Board of Directors 2010-11

President Phil Rossy

Past President Peter Nadeau
President-Elect Martin Diegel
Vice-President Dave Donaldson
Vice-President Alison Hunter
Honorary Secretary/Treasurer Peter Charboneau

Barb Perrin
Bob Fisher
Bron Vasic
Bruno Di Chiara
Gary Flockton
Geoff Godding
Guy Bourbonnière
Hélène Crabb
Lynda Campbell

Membership Forms

Click here for the APPLICATION FORM to propose a new member   To be completed by the sponsoring member then sent to the Kiwanis office.  The office will forward a copy to the Membership Committee for review and approval at their next committee meeting.  Following committee approval, the application is recommended to the Board of Directors. Then the proposed application is announced to the membership in our newsletter / website for 10 days. Following no objections, the sponsor is advised and a date is selected for introduction.

Click here for the FORM for Police Records Check which is to be completed by all new members and submitted to the Kiwanis office with the Membership Application Form