Board of Directors for 2014-15 Effective 2014-10-01


President: Gary Flockton (between now and Sept 30, Gary is referred to as President-Designate)

Immediate Past President:Peter Charboneau

President-Elect: Wayne French

Secretary-Treasurer: Mark O’Neill


1-year term: Steve Moore

2-year term: Dawn Morewood (remains for 2nd year)

2-year term: Howard Whittaker (remains for 2nd year)

Congratulations to Wayne French and Steve Moore who are returning to the Board of Directors!  Thank you to the members who let their names stand.

A Club History by Shirley Tomblin

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has a very rich history and I will attempt to outline just a few of the many projects undertaken over the years.

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa was formed in 1917 In late 1916 Kiwanis became International when the Kiwanis Club of Hamilton was formed, followed by the Kiwanis Club of Toronto in March, 1917 and the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa on Dec. 22nd, 1917. That's when a group of Ottawa business leaders met at the home of furniture dealer Alex Thurston to organize a local chapter of Kiwanis International.