2011/2012 Executive

The Kiwanis Club of Ottawa is run by an Executive elected by the members each year. The Executive meets on the third Monday of each month, and all Club members are welcome to attend.

The Executive of the Club includes the following positions:

94th President - Martin Diegel, Lawyer
Immediate Past President - Phil Rossy, Bridlewood Trails
President Designate -  Alison Hunter, Hilton Hotels
Vice President - Peter Charboneau, OTR Magazine
Vice President - Guy Bourbonniere, Trane Canada
Honorary Treasurer/Secretary - Mark O'Niel, Canadian War Museum


  • Helene Crabb, ALC Auriga Communications
  • Gary Flockton, Allstream
  • Wayne French, Waste Management
  • Geoff Godding, Collier International
  • Guy Milne, CIBC
  • Bron Vasic, OTUS Group
  • Howard Whittaker, Gordon Group

Administrative Manager: Rita Harper