Weekly Meeting - Linda Eagen, President & CEO Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Today we celebrated the cancer survivors in the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa, and those that have touched our personal lives, as well as those who are making miracles happen through research and funding. Linda Eagen, President and Ceo of the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, reiterated that if ‘One Can Make A Difference’ – then many ‘Ones’ can change the world. The dream is that one day cancer will be a footnote as a part of our history, and not part of our everyday lives.

In Eastern Ontario alone, 14 people will find out today that they have cancer - that’s 5,000 in this year only. Linda noted that when she was young, cancer was a death sentence, and now 75% will be survivors in the next year.

The Magic is also in raising funds – funds needed to invest in areas of need for cancer survivors (fitness and nutrition, family counseling) / funds for “Reduce the Risk” programs / to promote screening (90% survival rate if colorectal cancer screened early) / to educate our family physicians so they can recognize the symptoms and offer treatment / and to purchase diagnostic and radiation equipment to use in their cancer treatment centers. There are dedicated, passionate leaders, who are investing in research, but they still find barriers on the road to recovery – scientists must work more closely with fundraisers, and funds must be made available for salaries of research teams. The magic to fundraising is to keep asking and don’t stop.

Linda shared her excitement about Ottawa’s Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivor Park, which opens at the corner of Alta Vista Drive and Riverside Drive, in September 2008. Jackie Holzman spoke about the book that she, Max Keeping, and Frank Hegyi, are putting together, which includes stories from cancer survivors and those touched by cancer. If you know of anyone who may wish to contribute to the book, please contact Jackie or Frank.

We welcomed our newest member – Dave Trigger

Dave was introduced by his sponsor, Harold Moore. Dave is an It Specialist for Ibm and enjoys playing squash and guitar with his brothers. As a young boy in Greenwood N.S., he helped his dad deliver Christmas hampers, so contributing to his community is part of his life. He volunteered at Hope Beach Volleyball, before finding the Aktion Club on the internet and has not missed a meeting in 3 years. Welcome to our club, Dave! Members, be sure to introduce yourself to Dave and make him feel welcome.

“One Can Make a Difference” – President’s Rose – Tom Spence Tom was introduced into our club by the late Past President Hap Nicholds in 1976, and is a 30-year member of our Legion of Honour. Tom was Chair of the Interclub, Sports and Social Committee in 1977-78. One of Tom’s “claims to fame” is that he personally arranged 120 Interclubs that year. Because of our club’s association with Tom, his employer, Surgenor Pontiac Buick, has supported our club for almost 40 years – first by providing a one-year car lease for our Tv Auction, and, after the Tv Auction was discontinued, they agreed to provide the car lease, for our Bon Appetit Silent Auction. This brings in approximately $12,000 for our club every year. Tom has spent 53 years in Service at Surgenor Pontiac Buick, and most of us would retire at this point, but this year instead of retiring, he has agreed to stay on in the Sales Department at Surgenors. He is the first person you see at our Friday luncheons, and we thank him for his reliability and his steadfastness. He is one of our many past presidents who continue to support our projects with as much dedication as he did when he joined 32 years ago. Tom’s invaluable dedication to our Club shows how “One can make a difference”.

President Bill’s Thought for the Week: In recognition of St. Patrick’s Day… Fact: there are now more cell phones in Ireland than people. Ireland’s average of 102 phones for every 100 people is still lower than the European average of 107 phone per 100 people.

Raffle Prize

Congratulations to Rita Harper (thanks to Mike Moore’s ticket) who won the raffle of a gift basket of chocolate! donated by Lynda Campbell, and to Dominic Ferrarotto who won the stuffed kangaroo and joey, donated by Jackie Holzman who brought him back from New Zealand. Thank you all for contributing, $67.00 was raised for our General Account. Fine Session $76.00.

Next Luncheon Meeting: Friday March 28, 2008 – 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm Marguerite (Grete) Hale, ‘Philanthropist, Leader, Story Teller Extraordinaire! Circle K Luncheon This is a meeting that you don’t want to miss! Marguerite (Grete) Hale, Member of the Order of Canada, has an unequalled enthusiasm for life, and she is passionate about helping others, a trait instilled in her by her father. Grete has been and continues to be a pioneer in many ways when seeing a need in our community and beyond. Grete’s zest for life and passion for giving to others will hold you spellbound as she shares some of her life experiences through her captivating stories. A meeting not to be missed!

Luncheon Line-Up

Apr.4 ** 7:30 – 9:00am… We Are Moving…. to the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club for our Golf Tournament Committee Breakfast, 
Danielle Nadon, Tournament Co-Chair for the Cdn Canadian Women’s (LPGA) Open

Apr.11 Official Visit of the EC&C District Governor Chuck McIlravey
 Our Club’s 90th Anniversary – all Kiwanis Clubs are invited!

Apr.18 Kiwanis Music Festival / Canterbury High School Choir - James Caswell

Apr.25 Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail’s National Affairs Columnist

Committee Meetings

Mon.Mar.17 Board of Directors, 5:45pm, Staples Bank Street Tue.Mar.18 Membership, 7:00pm, Barry Weatherdon’s home Wed.Mar.19 Circle K, 12:00pm, Ian Hendry’s office Direct Assistance, 12:00pm, Kiwanis office Kiwanis Medical Foundation, 7:00pm, Ferano Construction Wed.Mar.26 Bed Race wrap-up, 5:00-7:00pm, Lone Star, Baseline Road Mon.Mar.31 Cadets, 7:00pm, Cartier Square Drill Hall

Happy Birthday Mar 15 – Lynda Campbell Mar 17 – Tom Beveridge Mar 19 Stephen Smye Mar 28 Marcia Saipe

Sympathy of the Club

Past President Lorne L. Smith passed away Saturday night, March 16, 2008 at the age of 94. Visitation will be at Hulse, Playfair, and McGarry, (West End) 150 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa, on Wednesday, March 20, from 6:00 – 9:00 Pm. Funeral services will be on Thursday, March 20 at 1:00pm in the Chapel at Hulse, Playfair and McGarry. The family invites friends to the Reception Room following the services. Our thoughts are with Lorne’s family and friends at this time. A native of Ottawa, Lorne was a member of the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa since 1975, was Distinguished Club President in 1979-80, and was a 30-year member of our Legion of Honour. We were always so pleased when Lorne joined us for our Remembrance Day Luncheon to share with us some of his own poetry. He was a published author and his poetry reflected his love of both mankind and nature, as well as his involvement in his community. Lorne joined the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders on August 25, 1941. He went with his unit to the Uk in 1942 where they trained and prepared with the Allies for the D-Day invasion. Captain Lorne Smith's regiment, The Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Highlanders, were part of the Ninth Brigade, Third Canadian Division that landed at Juno Beach, France, on June 6, 1944. Lorne fought with his regiment through France, Holland and Germany until Ve Day. Captain Smith returned home late in 1945.

Interclub Sports and Social “Chili and Chuckles” - the Interclub, Sports and Social Committee invites You to a *Fun* evening on Saturday, March 29, 2008, at the home of Uttra and Sam Bhargava, 84 Rothwell Avenue, Ottawa. The evening starts at 6:30 and $20.00 is all you will pay for Chili, salad, dessert, and wine. This will be a fun evening including a Trivia Contest. Tickets are On Sale Now and can be picked up from Kathleen Holst at the Friday luncheons, or contact Kathleen at 613-721-4141, or holstkr@aol.com

Kiwanis Club of Rideau – Lt. Governor David Daubney, Thursday, March 27, 2008 at the Villa Marconi, 1026 Baseline Road, 12:15pm. For further information, please contact: Bob Vergette at 613-225-0400, bobvergette@associateair.com or Kathleen Holst 613-721-4141 or holstkr@aol.com

Kiwanis Club of Orleans - We will be holding an interclub on Tuesday, April 1, 2008, at 6:30 pm at Eastside Mario’s (250 Centrum Boulevard, Orleans) If you are interested in joining us, please contact Bob Garrow at 613-521-8362 or bob@pirateleadership.com Kiwanis Idol Red Carpet Concert

The Kiwanis Idol Red Carpet Concert is back again this year. This spectacular event will showcase the vocal talents of young people from right here in the national capital region. Presented by the Kiwanis Club of Kanata, this is the Kiwanis Juno’s to show off our Kiwanis Idols!!! Centrepoint Theatre, Saturday, April 19, 2008 - 8:00pm – 11:00pm. Tickets for adults are $19.50 with youth tickets available for $14.50 and can be purchased online at http://centrepointetheatre.com or contact Eldon Fox at 613-831-9900

Kiwanis Conventions

The Executive will decide on the attendees from the Board of Directors, and other members are also invited to attend. If you are interested, please contact the Kiwanis office for more information. - Kiwanis International Convention, June 25-28, 2008, Orlando, Florida - Kiwanis District Convention, August 7-9, 2008, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Bon Appetit Ottawa, Kiwanis Silent Auction

Tuesday, May 6, 2008, from 5:30 - 9:00, our Bon Appetit Silent Auction Committee will be holding our 9th Annual Silent Auction at the Bon Appetit Food and Beverage Extravaganza at Lansdowne Park. Over 2,000 people are wooed by more than 90 of the region’s top Restaurants, Wineries and Breweries, and this event sells out every year. Eat and drink to your heart's content for only $75.00! Tickets to the event can be purchased from Tom Spence at our Friday meetings or give Tom a call at 613-741-0741. The Kiwanis Silent Auction showcases over 125 items and we are asking All members to consider providing items in the area of $200 or more to be auctioned off. This is an incredible opportunity to gain exposure for your business, or for your business associates, while supporting one of our major fundraisers. Last year, thanks to the help of our club members, the Silent Auction at Bon Appetit raised $29,000. For more information on this event, contact Co-Chairs Paul Drouin at 613-788-2182 or Bruno Di Chiara at 613-290-0389. Donor bid slips are available by contacting the Kiwanis office.