Weekly Meeting - Bridging Opportunities for Community Success

Our luncheon featured 3 speakers from our Club who provided us with valuable information.

Susan Menzies gave us an historical and background overview of the Medical Foundation and all the wonderful things it does for our community. She also spoke on what your memorials, bequests and donations purchase and how the Kiwanis Club of Ottawa has touched many lives including that of her special guest, Jean-Guy Villeneuve, who was Ottawa's first heart transplant patient and who was able to be here with us today!

Harold Geller also delivered a passionate speech on what impact and public attention our Club and the projects of Young Children-Priority One have brought, whether it be Shaken Baby Syndrome http://www.nevershakeababy.org, Precious Minds http://www.preciousminds.org, or Reading is Fundamental at Connaught Public School. Our Club does make a difference!

Walter Boyce provided us with information pertaining to the Kiwanis Music Festival, going back 57 years, showing how it has become the 2nd largest festival in Canada with over 3500 entrants and one of our best branding events!!

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